Yoofs – groovy



I almost didn’t listen to this track from Bournemouth based Yoofs. Mainly because they used the word ‘groovy’ in their email. Unless you’re describing an item that has a higher than average number of grooves in it the word ‘groovy’ should never be used.


I’m going to let them off. Mainly because I have just eaten a biscuit which means I am in a good mood, and also because they remind me of The Charlatans. That’s a good thing.


#WhoIsLongy? Is it the drummer from Bis?



I don’t know who Longy is but I’m hoping it’s the long awaited come back by Chris Helme off of the Seahorses. He’s been quiet for a few years now, maybe this is what he’s been up to? It could be Cliff Jones of off Gay Dad maybe, that would be good wouldn’t it?!

Anyway, I’ve heard a couple of ‘Longy’s’ tracks so far, this is a taster video thats just go up online. Word of warning, he fucks the ending up but it’s not his fault:




Check out D/C


D/C is not a member of AC/DC gone solo, he’s just a rather affable chap from London, not sure what the D/C is all about, maybe his real name is Derek Cuthbert or maybe he just loves DC comics? Who knows?

It doesn’t really matter what your called when you have a voice like this. Actually, that’s utter bullshit of course it does. If Adele had been called Hitler Jones or Stanley Handjob there is no way at all she’d be the megastar she is today, FACT.

ANYWAY, I got sent this live footage of ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ t’other day, I actually promised to blog about it before I’d even watched it, thankfully it’s good so I’m not going to look like a massive dick, at least no more than normal. Just watch the damn thing and enjoy:


Nathaniel Rateliff – Proper music.

NR press shot

Sometimes, just sometimes, I like proper music. You know, proper music made in the heartland of America by men with beards and strong, proper, names. Proper music, that has real instruments in it, played by people who really like The Band and/or Crosby Stills and Nash. Proper music, you know what I mean, like the kind you read about in the Sunday Times or hear on Radcliffe & Maconie when you accidentally tune in a bit too early to catch Steve Lamacq’s show. Yeah, proper music.


Nathaniel Rateliff makes proper music, he has a beard and Nathaniel is most certainly a strong, proper name. I doubt that he has ever listened to Kraftwerk, let alone any idea what Pro-tools or an MPC is. He probably thinks the synthesizer is the devils instrument. I know for a fact the Sunday Times love him and if Radcliffe and Maconie aren’t playing his new tunes someone isn’t doing their job properly. His debut LP ‘In Memory Of Loss’ was  a pretty beautiful piece of work and this is a taster from his soon to be released second LP ‘Falling Faster Than You Can Run’, it’s bloody lovely:



Good ain’t it? See, sometimes I do like proper music.

How the music industry works. Lesson 23.

The other day a got a brilliantly brief email from an act called Brain Queen:


Boy makes demos in bedroom (Brighton, UK), boy’s friends film a video of him singing one of said demos, boy sends you said video.

Take it easy and thanks!
Now, pay attention. Let’s watch the video:
So let lesson 23 commence. If Jordan is 18, this is the best thing in the world. If he is 28 or above it’s terrible. If he’s anywhere in between I’ll have to ask someone else what they think.
This is how the music industry works.