Spector / The Kill Van Kulls

It’s not very often, believe me, that you see a band completely by accident and get blown away by how good they are. It’s happened to me a few weeks back though. Having watched the excellent YAAKS at London’s Lexington I decided to stick around and finish my beer. The next band? Spector, the new musical vehicle for one Fred Macpherson who you may know from here, here or here. I’ve been a fan of pretty much everything Fred has done (musically) since his days in Les Incompetents, and even though I did end up playing bass in that band I was still a fan before I joined so I don’t feel biased. Not one bit!!

Anyway with Spector it feels that Fred has really hit his stride. Of the tracks I’ve heard he’s come on leaps and bounds both lyrically (In fact he’s getting all kinda romantic and gooey in places, which I like) and vocally (he’s actually singing, like properly singing) I think they’re ace. Have a listen to their debut single, it’s out 20th June via Luv Luv Luv:

Spector – Never Fade Away

Next up a band I’ve featured here before and who also played a stroming set at My Band’s Better Presents back in February. Manchester’s The Kill Van Kulls are back with a new single and a great new video. Have a watch, have a listen, don’t have a drink and a drive, that would be stoopid:

The Kill Van Kulls – Lost And Found

The Kill Van Kulls – Lost And Found (Swansong Remix)

Right, that’s your lot! Let me know what you think!!!

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