Yaaks and an Exclusive Remix. WOO HOO!


Yaaks are so hot right now, people are talking, A&R’s and managers are getting excited and probably wining and dining them like a middle-aged banker trying in vain to woo a Chelsea call girl.

But yeah, Yaaks are pretty special, I would:





The band are being super mysterious about everything at the moment, all I can really tell you is that there are apparently 6 of them and they’re from Eastbourne. I was went to Eastbourne, I drove after a pretty heavy night, I can’t say I had that much fun there and then on the way back I kept falling asleep at the wheel. I wouldn’t recommend going to Eastbourne if you’re tired.


Anyway there is another track you can check out below:



So yeah, Yaaks are pretty fucking ace.


Next up I thought I’d share this little gem with you… The Good Natured release new single ‘Be My Animal this week and today I have an EXCLUSIVE GET PEOPLE REMIX!! WOOO!!!!!


The Good Natured – Be My Animal (Get People RMX)


Get People are headlining the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch this Wednesday, I urge you to get down and catch them play!!!

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